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New Orleans Saints: Practice Wraps, 3rd Best Franchise And Charles Brown

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Left tackle Charles Brown is ready to make an impact with the Saints this season, after becoming the teams second round pick in last years draft.

At the time fans questioned the move as the Saints had pro bowler Jammal Brown still on the roster and his backup, Jermon Bushrod, had filled in nicely during the Saints Super Bowl run.

However it quickly became apparent the Saints were looking to unload Jammal, who was looking for a lucrative long-term contract, as he was traded to the Washington Redskins.

The deal netted the Saints a third round pick in this years draft, which they used to select linebacker Martez Wilson.

Charles Brown saw little action his rookie season. A back injury (herniated disc, nerve damage) limited his effectiveness to the point he could not unseat Jermon Bushrod. Brown underwent surgery in January to repair the disc and is now eyeing a run at the starting left tackle position.

Realistically it’s a positions that will be up for grabs. Bushrod is scheduled to become a free agent, it’s just not known if he will be restricted or unrestricted until a new CBA is reached. The likely hood that he will be a restricted free agent is low. The Saints must decide if they want to re-sign him or not.

Backup left tackle Zach Strief was not tendered an offer of any kind, it’s unclear if he will return or not and he faces a similar predicament as Bushrod. Suddenly questions surround one of the most important positions on the roster.

Plenty of scenarios have crept up over recent weeks. Some suggesting the Saints should re-sign Bushrod while allowing Brown to take over for Jon Stinchcomb, who’s play has noticeably dropped off, as the teams starting right tackle.

Another train of thought is to slide left guard Carl Nicks over to left tackle, thus inserting Brown into Nicks’ guard spot. These are obviously just suggestions, but there is likely no glaringly right decision for the Saints to make.

Brown will be given a chance to take over as the starter, the real problem becomes if he is not ready then what? Especially more important if the team decides, or can’t, resign Bushrod. Left tackle will be the position to watch if and when training camp kicks off in late July.