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New Orleans Saints Running Back Controversy: Chris Ivory (Part 2 of 5)

By Editorial Staff
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Chris has amazing potential, desire, and ability, and his give it all on every play mentality is exactly what we all want to see. Chris needs to learn to take care of his body through the entire season. He had injuries in all four years of college that made him miss a substantial amount of playing time every year and even ended his final college season after only five games at Tiffin.

The foot injury that ended his 2010 season required a Lisfranc surgery. This injury has a tendency to take longer than most foot injuries to fully heal. So, it is questionable if Chris will even be ready to play at 100% when the 2011 season begins in September.

The other area I see Chris needing to improve on was protecting the ball. He had 4 fumbles in those 137 carries. That is 1 fumble about every 34 carries.

That is unacceptable for any player, especially a power runner who is doing a lot of running between the tackles and in goal line situations. Chris will need to improve in this area in order to raise his game to the next level and compete for playing time in the Saints backfield.

Chris Ivory is a very talented running back who has the ability to be a key contributor for the New Orleans Saints in 2011. Chris was just a rookie this past year. If he takes everything he learned this past year and applies it properly, he might be able to make Sean Payton try to figure out how to keep him in the game even more in this upcoming season.

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