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New Orleans Saints Running Back Controversy: Chris Ivory (Part 2 of 5)

By Editorial Staff
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Ivory had 2 more strong outings in weeks 11 (99 yards on 23 carries) and 13 (117 yards on 15 carries). He was another one of the Saints running backs that was cut short by injury. However, Chris still ended up being the Saints leading rusher in 2010 with 716 yards on 137 carries for a 5.2 yards per carry average with 5 touchdowns.

I was like every other Saints fan around and was all excited about this rookie running back who seemed to come out of nowhere when the Saints needed him most. I loved watching Chris run. It seemed like he never ran out of bounds. He was running hard every time he touched the ball and never shied away from contact.

He showed tremendous potential as a power runner. Which probably even excited Saints fans even more so to watch our running back laying big hits on defensive players. This is where the problem comes into play though I believe. Those same plays and hits maybe the biggest weakness Chris has at the same time.

I know your thinking “What? That’s what we want in a running back!” We all want to see that in a running back, but this is the NFL. These collisions and hits by these men over a 16 game season take a toll on the human body.

Don’t get me wrong…when it is time to put your head down and get that extra yard to get the first down to keep the drive alive you better darn well do it or I promise you that running back will more than likely hear me yelling through the television.

However, all the truly great and durable running backs would run out of bounds when the risk outweighed the reward. They avoided the unnecessary hits and took care of their bodies so they could play and contribute to their teams for the entire season.