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If The New Orleans Saints Lose Lance Moore, Options In Free Agency

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If Ochocinco is given an opportunity to really play football like he’s meant to play, he could make a serious impact with the Saints.  He is a hungry player with the speed that we’ve been lacking. 

His antics to me are simply just a case of him not being challenged both on the field and within his current franchise.  He would be a solid pick up.

Another player looking for a second chance is Plaxico Burress.  Recently released from prison, Burress is looking to make a “Michael Vick style” return to the NFL.  While most might disagree, I think he’s another candidate for the Saints.

I’ve seen and heard from analysts about the type of physical shape that Burress would be in for his return.  Personally, I don’t believe he’s been sitting around eating bon-bon’s all day while in prison.  Look at Michael Vick and his impact that he made upon his return.

Burress is starting on the same slate everyone else is.  His release prior to free agency puts him on somewhat even ground with other players in the same position.  Combine that with his desire to seek redemption with his peers and with his fans, and I think you’ve got another threat at Wide Receiver.

Burress is agreeably not the fastest receiver but it’s his consistency that makes him so attractive.  Plus, the Saints have been known for taking players like Defensive Tackle Anthony Hargrove and giving them a second chance within the league.