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If The New Orleans Saints Lose Lance Moore, Options In Free Agency

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Both players looked like someone who was forced to go on a blind date with someone.  They showed up for the date each week, but the chemistry wasn’t there. 

Moss gave a press conference where he expressed his love for the Patriot franchise, Quarterback Tom Brady, and Head Coach Bill Belichick.  Only one problem.  Moss was with the Vikings at the time.  That’s like expressing your affection for your ex-girlfriend…in front of your current girlfriend.

Neither Moss or Owens showed the drive, power, or charisma of previous years.  Both players seem to want to play, but for the right team. 

If the Saints decide to snag one of them, then they could be back on the right track and we would probably see an immediate difference.  Plus Head Coach Sean Payton is the closest to Bill Belichick as Moss could get.

If Chad Ochocinco departs from Cincinnati, then I think he would be worth a look.  Yes, I know that some consider him a diva and a showboat.  But Ochocinco is another Belichick admirer for what I believe are several reasons.

One, the Patriots are a winning franchise and two, because Ochocinco really wants to play.  Like I mean truly play.  Current Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis blew Ochocinco off on one occasion.  One of them was miced up when Ochocinco told Lewis he wanted to be the best.  Lewis just responded with,”I know, I know”.