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If The New Orleans Saints Lose Lance Moore, Options In Free Agency

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Let me just start off this post by saying that I really hope that Lance Moore doesn’t leave the Saints.  He has steadfast become a favorite with Who Dat Nation, myself included.  But being realistic, you always need a plan just in case.  One thing we’ve all seen in the NFL when free agency hits is that business is business.

I’ve been following Moore’s tweets ever since the lockout and unless he’s hiding something, even he’s uncertain if he’ll return.  Loyal Saints fans have been tweeting words of encouragement to Moore all throughout the lockout.

I’ve also seen where fans have also been tweeting for a simple reassurance from Moore that he’s staying.  The word “hope” being the main one used from both the fans and Moore.

While the vultures haven’t begun to circle yet, I’ve been reading blogs and posts with the usual suspects attached on if certain personnel leave the Saints.

While I like to look at these options, a lightning bolt hit as to two other people that could be brought in if we lose Moore to free agency.  But first the good side.

This all hinges on if the Saints flat out decide not to offer Moore a contract.  That being doubtful, it will then be determined by the size of the contract offered to him.  While Moore had a good season last year, the Saints aren’t going to give a big contract to a player based off one season.

I know he’s been reliable but Moore will have to show consistency.  Look at Pierre Thomas, his contract came at a time when we didn’t really expect it.  The same could hold true for Moore.  If he will be patient, the contract will come.  If he doesn’t receive it this upcoming season, another year of consistent play will guarantee it later.  Now the bad side.

If Moore becomes disgruntled and feels he’s due a big payday, I’m sure another team will gladly scoop him up.  Especially those looking for an instant upgrade at wide receiver.  That leaves the Saints with filling his spot from either the depth chart or free agency.