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2011 NFL Free Agency Will Be The New “Millonaire Matchmaker”

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Lack of money will be the only tear jerker once the free agency gate swings open.  Some teams like the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins don’t mind plunking down a hefty chunk for potential play-makers.

Teams like our beloved New Orleans Saints though don’t normally go this route .

The Saints are well known for only signing free agents to small contracts.  A few years for a few million has been the standard.

When I heard the Cleveland Browns were offering Linebacker Scott Fujita a 3 year /$14 million dollar contract last year, I knew we weren’t matching it.  Big free agents like Asomugha will be looking for the same payday.

I look at Asomugha like I did with former L.S.U. and current Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Patrick Peterson.

In my dream, I imagined Peterson slipping down the draft or us moving up to snag him.  Both of which I knew was impossible.  We had other needs to address in the draft which we did.

The same with Asomugha.  I would love to see him in a Saints uniform but unless he’s willing to take a big paycut, I just don’t see it happening.

With our own free agents to address plus Running Back Reggie Bush’s contract renegotiation, our plate is full and bank account empty.

Don’t forget, Quarterback Drew Brees will be due a new contract soon and I’m sure it’ll be a big one.