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Randy Moss Or Plaxico Burress To The New Orleans Saints?

By Editorial Staff
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Plaxico Burress, on the other hand, is a much different story.  Burress has been viewed lately as a guy who made a huge mistake and paid for it quite dearly.

He has also been viewed as the second coming of Michael Vick, a man who served two years in prison and came out to become a starting quarterback and Pro-Bowler for the Philadelphia Eagles.

If Vick’s history has taught us anything, jail has a way of changing people.  Plaxico was never a huge media mongrol; however, anything and everything he said was put to national coverage merely because of his location (New York City for those who didn’t know).

His main fault was getting a little cocky after winning the Super Bowl during the  ’07 season (he did catch the game-winning touchdown for that game).

In 2008 the Giants looked poised to make another Super Bowl run, when Plaxico was showing off his gun to a buddy in a club and accidentally shot himself in the leg.

While Plaxico’s leg fully healed from the injury, he was in the sad position of breaking the law by being in possession of an illegal firearm in the state of New York.

Plaxico was sentenced to two years in the state penitentiary and two years of supervised probation.  Just yesterday (June 6) Plaxico was released from prison to find himself in need of a job in the middle of this exhausting lockout.

If the Saints would just persue this proven reciever, they could find themselves unstoppable on the offensive end.