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New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint

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The one question I asked Ray produced an answer that actually gave me a bit of emotion and a deeper respect for him.

Gene H.:  What gives you so much passion as a Saints Superfan?

HALO SAINT/Ray:  “Every Saints fan is a Superfan to me.  Anyone who still sang “Who Dat” when that question could be answered with “Everyone”.  Or who still proudly wore their black and gold on Monday morning after yet another losing Sunday, they are all Super to me”.

“I just took it upon myself to get up and dance whenever the fans start having doubts or whenever I see someone about to give up.  I love seeing the kids get excited when I “do the robot”, so that keeps me going even when the game is a loss”.

Well there you have it.  If anyone was looking for an unmasking or unveiling of HALO SAINT, there was none to be found.  If anything, a person like Ray forces us to find and create our own identity as a Superfan.

Deep down, we want to be able to express our love and passion for the Saints in whatever way possible.

You can find Ray on Facebook at http://facebook.com/raybot.  You can also see him on the 2011 Superfans Calender which is at www.superfancalender.com

I’d like to thank Ray for being so gracious with the interview and for being such a great Saints Superfan.  You make the game and the experience of the Superdome what it is.  Who knows, maybe everyone is ready to break into the Superfan mode on gameday.

Saint’s fans..Transform and Roll Out!

That one’s for you Ray!!