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New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint

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HALO SAINT mentioned how Texans fans mocked Reggie Bush for fumbling and even chunked ice at him(HALO SAINT).  However he reassured me ( to which I chuckled) that it merely bounced off  his armor and hit other Texans fans.  The next part of his story produced roaring laughter!

HALO SAINT:  “At one point, a Texans fan pushed me on the helmet and when another Texan tried to stop him, they ended up fighting each other and got kicked out.”

HALO SAINT did say there where good away games.  The comeback 2009 Miami Dolphins game win where afterwards Reggie Bush gave him his gloves.  Also in 2009, the OT win against the Redskins and HALO SAINT shook Garret Hartley’s hand.

Recently it was the victory against Dallas on Thanksgiving where he said, “it felt great to rub my armored rear end on that overpriced seat”.  Jerry, you have been assimilated!  But the greatest road game he’s had was an easy question.

HALO SAINT:  “The Super Bowl was the greatest and every Who Dat on the planet knows why.”

If any rival teams are thinking about messing with HALO SAINT when he’s at your stadium just be careful because he doesn’t travel alone.  He told me that his friend Max goes with him on away games and they are undefeated.

Max goes as Darth Maul from Star Wars.   But instead of black & red, you guessed it, black & gold.  HALO SAINT and Max form a group which they have dubbed:  THE ROAD WARRIORS.  I’m loving these guys!!