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New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint

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 HALO SAINT:  “Yeah, I don’t know when that nickname started, but I think it had to do with the number being 151 and the fact that it was always full of robots, aliens, and superheroes.  Some of the other guys in my section just started calling it that and it stuck”.

“With so many sections of the Dome filled with costumes that play on all of the religious icons that surround the name “Saints”, I think it was only natural that our nerdier, high tech section got named Area 51.”

Gene H.:  We know the Superdome has undergone renovations.  Will that affect Area 51 and how will you deal with them if there are?

HALO SAINT:  “Sadly, Area 51 no longer exists.  The Section 151 was removed entirely, and my seats were moved to Section 149 so we could retain our line of sight in the corner of the end zone”.

“The Whistle Monsta got me a sweet hook up though during the relocation process and I managed to scoop up 2 more seats on the front row from some people that he knew would not be renewing.  Next year they will be transferred over to my account, so look forward to seeing me in Section 116”.

HALO SAINT described a few great memories from Area 51, one of course being Garret Hartley’s kick to win the NFC Championship.  The other was his first year there and some visiting Philadelphia Eagles fans complained they couldn’t see, so the police came down.

HALO SAINT:  “Both sections 150 and 151 booed loudly as I was taken away, but luckily I managed to talk my way out of trouble.  Once the cops realized I was the only sober one in this conflict, they let me go back to my section and moved the Eagles fans elsewhere.  Everyone cheered for that part!”

I asked HALO SAINT about his appearance at away games and he said he makes at least one a year and if they are big games, he’ll make two.  He said he plans on making the season opener in Green Bay and be in the front row.  I asked him about his worst road game which he said was a game against the Texans.