New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint

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We’ve all seen glimpses and quick shots of the Superdome’s beloved Superfan’s on T.V.  Not the jersey wearing or Saints t-shirt fan, I mean the Superfan.  A fan who creates their own identity and persona that all of us in the Superdome or watching on T.V.,  love to see on game day.  I was fortunate to score an interview with one well known Superfan:  HALO SAINT.

Those of you that have been watching the games or been to the Superdome the last few years have seen what is comparable to a weekly Mardi Gras parade of character’s.  HALO SAINT is a Superfan that is easily recognizable because for all us video game player’s, he looks just like the character Master Chief from the Xbox game HALO.

Master Chief is a Spartan soldier in the future who is basically unstoppable and wears green armor.  The similarities end there because HALO SAINT is encased in a brilliant black & gold.  I wanted to find out what kind of Superfan existed beneath that black & gold armor so I reached out to the Guardian of  “Area 51” for an epic interview.

Gene H.:  So tell us at WDD when HALO SAINT came online or I guess to us mere humans, when did you become a season ticket holder?

HALO SAINT:  “It is the year 2005.  The treacherous Katrina has conquered The Saints home stadium of the Superdome.  But from secret staging grounds in two NFL-less cities, the valiant Saints prepare to take their homeland” (I told you WDD reader’s…epic).  “In 2005 I went to all 4 games at Tiger Stadium and told myself I would do whatever I could to keep the team in NOLA.  So, I bought 3 season tickets without any clue as to how I would use them”.

Gene H.:  There are so many wild characters in the Superdome.  How did HALO SAINT come to be constructed?

HALO SAINT:  “HALO SAINT just fell into place when I needed an upgrade on my original robot suit(more on him later) and noticed that the HALO 3 video game had a midnight release on the same night that the Saints were scheduled to host the Titans on MNF.” 

“I wore it to the game and then headed straight to the nearest video game store to cut in line for a copy of HALO 3.The suit was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it caught on so I stuck with it.  Plus it was a lot smaller and easier to dance in than my last suit.”

HALO SAINT does have a base of operations at the Superdome in Section 151.  Or as it has been renamed:  “Area 51”.  He was kind enough to give us TOP SECRET information when asked how it came to be.