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Darren Sharper, Jonathan Vilma Say New Orleans Saints Ahead Of Others

By Editorial Staff
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Darren Sharper is worried that “football might not be playing at the level it was in previous years” because of the lockout.” He also predicted many pulled hamstrings and injuries, along with rusty offenses.

Sharper said he is “licking his chops” thinking about the young, unprepared quarterbacks that will be hurt by the lockout.

Sharper appeared on NFL Total Access as an ambassador of the league and a leader of the Saints organization to speak about the NFL lockout and Saints free agency, among other topics.

One of his main concerns was for the youngsters of the 2011 NFL Draft.  “The learning curve is huge,” Sharper said, and without organized practices “Rookies don’t have that time to prepare themselves.”

Jonathan Vilma recently told CBSSports.com that “I feel pretty comfortable saying that almost every player on the Saints is in terrific shape.  We could take the practice field tomorrow in full pads and be fine.  This group of guys is in better shape than we were at this time when the Saints won the Super Bowl.  … We’re more committed than other teams.”