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Three Reasons The New Orleans Saints Should Not Do HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

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1. The Lockout, the longer it goes obviously the worse it is for the teams, it’s players and the producers of the show. There is only so much that can be filmed and it remains to be seen how forthcoming quarterback Drew Brees would be to allowing cameras into their player only workouts.

Essentially Brees is installing the offense on his own and teaching the young rookies the ropes. Mark Ingram is leaning heavily on him to pick up the offense, would they really want to dance around cameras on a continued basis?

Teams are forbidden to contact any of their players, with that being said it’s probably un-realistic to think that teams aren’t contacting some players, at some time, some way. If there are camera’s around constantly it certainly would make it hard to sneak under the radar.

2. Reggie Bush, a dynamic figure in the Saints offense and the teams biggest “celebrity’ players. He is in the news usually for something, whether for who he is dating or an appearance on a reality TV show.

Currently he is awaiting his fate with the Saints barring a new contract and adjusted salary. If the team were to leave his rookie contractg in place he would make 11.8 million dollars. His role in the offense demands a much smaller figure to stick with the team.

As the lockout continues, and should it end mere weeks before the seasons scheduled start, then it will be a made dash for the Saints to get players under contract, including Bush. One heck of an ordeal for a front office to deal with while preparing for the opening game.

It’s not un-realistic to think negotiations may not be so friendly with Bush and others, and the Saints certainly don’t want to air their dirty laundry for all to see.

3. Hard Knocks would be a distraction for many reasons. Again the likelihood the lockout wipes out the off-season entirely is pretty high, even with the positive reports coming out of the most recent negotiations.

The Saints are in no position to take on a show and their intrusive cameras with the amount of work that lies ahead. Contracts, preparation and game planning take time — time they don’t have to prepare for the Green Bay Packers.

It’s no secret the Saints are on of the more secretive teams when it comes to divulging information about players. They are not an iron curtain, but more often then not choose to be vague when approached with sensitive questions.