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New Orleans Saints: Three Away Games That Could Be Problematic

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I’m talking about the Minnesota Vikings of course.  Also known for being one of the pit stops for Wide Receiver Randy Moss and the last stop for ex-Head Coach Brad Childress, the Vikings are coming off a horrendous season. 

We beat the Vikings 14-9 in the season opener last year but that was at home to an ear splitting Superdome crowd.  I think I’m just now getting the ringing out of my ears.

The Vikings have a new lease on life with their Head Coach Leslie Frazier who is truley seeking redemption for the team.  They drafted Florida State Quarterback Christian Ponder in a surprise move in the first round. 

Ponder has displayed some serious leadership skills by organizing team workouts.

He has also shown some smart moves by recently revealing that he received a playbook the night he was drafted.  He  has taken the playbook and made copies, distributing it to teammates.

Ponder may not be the starting Quarterback but he’s on the right path.  With the Vikings getting back a healthy Sidney Rice, the offense will need to be respected.

On the defense, Jared Allen and Linebacker Chad Greenway will make it tough for the Saints.  The Vikings are known for a tough as nails and unrelenting approach from the front seven. 

Speaking of tough as nails, the Saints will have another enemy knocking at their door when they play.

The end of the season rut.  We will play the Vikings on December 18, which is when the end of the season rut happens(injuries, fatigue, etc.).  The Saints will need to buckle down and focus when they step into the Metrodome.

While I take no team for granted, these are the three teams I feel we really need to have our head on a swivel for.  When we played the Arizona Cardinals last season, although it was away, I thought it would be an easy game.  We all know how that turned out.

But as with any team, times like that are when you are tested.  I know the Saints will find a way to shake that jet lag and bring home a win.