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New Orleans Saints: Three Away Games That Could Be Problematic

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The second team we’ll need to be cautious of is the St. Louis Rams.  The Rams were only one game away last season from taking their division,  With Quarterback Sam Bradford at the wheel on offense and a variety of receivers, the Rams are slowly getting better in the passing game.  

On top of that, Running Back Steven Jackson is a beast if he is allowed to get going on the ground.

The Rams are also improving on the defensive side of the ball.  Defensive End Robert Quinn will make an immediate presence after being drafted in the first round.  Linebacker James Laurinaitis has become a leader on defense and is brutal.

I know that we handed them a nice defeat last year at home, but now we travel to their home.  The Rams have shown to be a different team on homefield.

Keep in mind that when it was presented last year going into the Wild Card round who some fans were wanting to face, no one was really wanting to face the Rams at home.  Even some of the Saints admitted it would be a tough game.

The last team I’m a little worried about will probably get some “Ha-What’s”!  It’s a team that is in a rebuilding mode also.  A newly installed coach with a team that finished 6-10 and made a shocking draft choice to possibly replace a Quarterback who even more shockingly decided to finally retire…maybe.