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New Orleans Saints: Three Away Games That Could Be Problematic

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The first team I’m worried about is ironically the first game on our schedule, the Green Bay Packers.  Surprising enough, some people I’ve talked to aren’t too concerned about this game. 

I realize that the dreaded Super Bowl Hangover looms over the defending champions like it seemed to do with us.  But because of the lockout, it’s a bit different.

While the Super Bowl winner is usually still recovering from Disney World and numerous public appearances, other teams are starting mini-camps, OTA’s, and team workouts at the training facility.

Not the case this time since most teams, the Saints included, are having to do non contact drills while mainly focusing on conditioning.

I know Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma are doing what they can to get the team ready, but don’t know if it will be on schedule to contend with the Packers.

Plus the Packers have shown that they can deal with injury and adversity when it comes down to it.  They lost major pieces of their team on the way to the Super Bowl last year and still managed to claw their way to the top by eliminating some big teams.

With Quarterback Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers offense and Linebacker Clay Matthews leading the defense, the Packers can’t be taken lightly, especially at home.

The plus for us is that even though we are playing the Packers at their home, it’s early in the season before the cold sets in and the turf is like concrete.  Also, we’ll be fresh in terms of injuries(I hope) and will begin with a clean slate.  Against this team, we’ll need it.