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New Orleans Saints Offense: Who’s On The Bubble?

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The only person I see being on the outside would be backup Right Tackle Zach Strief.  The big plus going for Strief is that he is frequently called upon to be a blocking “Tight End”.

Those of you in the Superdome on game day will see the referee on numerous occasions wipe his hands up and down his front torso while saying, “#64(Strief) is reporting as eligible, #64 is reporting as eligible”.

One of our seatmates in our section, Polly Thomas, imitates the ref’s signal for good luck.  I think it will be lucky actually for Strief to see him back on the roster.

For our Wide Receiver’s, I see only one catch.  That being Lance Moore who is set to be an unrestricted free agent.  To me Lance Moore is the Pierre Thomas, if you will, of the receiver corps.

Moore came to the Saints underrated and fought his way up the depth chart all while being offered small contracts.  I think that the Saints will offer Moore a decent contract to keep him.

In my opinion, Moore deserves a nice payday.  He is consistent in his play and fans enjoy the fun loving attitude he approaches the game with. If he doesn’t like the contract he’s offered then most likely he’ll move on.  I shudder to even think.

If it does happen though, the Saints will plug in Adrian Arrington, who has been a “bubble” player since being drafted by the Saints in 2008.

He has been cut and brought back several times before actually playing in a few games this past season.  Arrington showed during these games he could make the most of it.

The lockout could help his “bubble” status if it stretches on for a long period of time since he would know the offense better than an incoming free agent.

Our Tight End group will be set.  Even though David Thomas is an unrestricted free agent, the Saints will give him a decent deal.  Thomas and Jimmy Graham will likely be the two main Tight Ends.

For our “bubble” player, Tory Humphrey will be it.  Like Thomas, Humphrey will be an unrestricted free agent.  But I see Humphrey back if the Saints offer him a deal.

There isn’t really too much competition at the Fullback position.  Right now it’s Heath Evans and Jed Collins.  Evans is an unrestricted free agent but expressed he would like to remain a Saint.

Being a great locker room guy and role model will have an extremely good chance Evans coming back if the Saints want to offer him a deal.

If so, the Saints don’t generally keep two Fullback’s.  Collins, unless he is a hidden gem, will be our “bubble” player and see the practice squad if he is fortunate.