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New Orleans Saints Fans Losing Faith In Reggie Bush

By Editorial Staff
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Reggie Bush, the man from Danville, Illinois, is a construction worker who will be replaced at work by the famous football player. Perhaps the show will have construction workers chanting “REGGIE, REGGIE!” or perhaps Reggie from Danville will return a punt for a touchdown, something the real Reggie can’t do anymore.

Whatever the case, I’m sure the world will be watching in eager anticipation, because since there is no football season to be had so far, why not just throw every star athlete into the world of reality television and finally have something to keep us entertained.

Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, and Mark Ingram, I humbly ask you three to ignore the actions of your “veteran” teammate and expect to carry the load this year between yourselves.

You are three superior running backs and we are lucky to have you.  More importantly, you avoid being distractions off of the field, a quality the Saints have striven for in their players, thank you for your hard work and commitment to the team and lets win a Super Bowl this year.