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New Orleans Saints Fans Losing Faith In Reggie Bush

By Editorial Staff
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These days, Reggie Bush does more flips off of the field than he does on it, and fans have noticed.  While the New Orleans Saints veteran players worked out as a cohesive unit at Tulane, Bush focused on making appearances in the media.

After the infamous tweet fiasco following the Saints drafting of Mark Ingram, Bush has been intent on promoting his image.  This comes at a time when the NFL veterans are coming together to fight the lockout, and speaking out for each other from attending secret meetings to being vocal on twitter.

Bush’s twitter usually reeks of self-promotion.

This is currently his most recent tweet: “The show airs in July I think you guys will really like it but I can’t give away the details just yet! Stay tuned peeps…”

Bush is referring to a show on CBS called “Same Name,” where people with the same name as celebrities switch lives.  Bush made the headlines again, announcing his presence in Danville, Illinois.  It was reported that he lifted weights with a local high school in Danville, a feat of strength reserved for promoting reality shows rather than his teammates back in New Orleans.