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2011 Lockout: Neither NFL Or Players Clear Winner In 8th Circuit Court


"We will take this case and render a decision in due course. We won’t, I might also say, be all that hurt that you’re leaving us out if you should go out and settle the case. But that’s up to you. But we will keep with our business, and if that ends up with a decision, that’s probably something both sides are not going to like but at least it will be a decision. — Judge Kermit Bye"

Both sides, the NFL and formerly the NFLPA before de-certification, met in court today to issue their final arguments before three judges who may ultimately decide the fate of the lockout — their decision is not expected to be given until perhaps as late as July.

Last month players won a brief injunction that successfully blocked the lockout after Judge Susan Nelson ruled in their favor on the grounds the lockout was causing “irreparable harm”.

The NFL quickly fired back with an emergency appeal to the 8th Circuit Court and won, also later winning a more temporary stay leading up to today’s final hearing.

Negotiations have been going on in Chicago over the last three days, as both came together to attempt to reach a new deal before today’s hearing. The secrecy of the meeting did not last long as the Internet lit up with the news yesterday afternoon of the undercover talks.

Some clarity was expected today, but if anything more questions then answers were handed down. Judge Bye’s comments left both sides puzzled — no one really knows who has the upper hand — but it’s clear the court is hoping and expecting resolution without their ruling.

Yesterday it was announced that court mandated negotiations scheduled for June 8th and 9th had been cancelled because of the positivity of the talks in Chicago. It seems at least that progress is being made, and now we wait in hopes of a deal.