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New Orleans Saints: Leagues 2nd Best Franchise And Latest Negotiaton News

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The Saints have set the standard this off-season — whether it’s Brees assembling over 40 players for workouts or letting fans in on the action with raffles — no other team has been as prepared or well organized for the lockout. New Orleans has a very healthy franchise.

Need proof, how about this — even with a lockout on and the uncertainty surrounding the start of the 2011 season the Saints sold out every home game ticket. That speaks volume to their connection to the community and the loyalty of their hords of fans.

Many have commented on how well put together the Saints teams, is whether it’s the roster,  coaches, or front office staff. In fact defensive coordinator Gregg Williams turned down mutliple chances to re-enter the head coaching ranks, his words “It would take a very special opportunity to get me away, the Saint have the most functional franchise in the NFL.”.

Players want to play for them, coaches want to coach for them, and fans cannot imagine life without their love of the boys in black and gold. Things have been looking up for a while.

Recently FOXsports.com assembled it’s list of the NFL’s organizations and where they rank when stacked against each other in several measurables —  owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles (facilities, fan base) — and not surprisingly the Saints rank as the NFL’s second best franchise.

Green Bay came in as the leagues top team based off their recent Super Bowl win and talent laden roster. The Packers beat out the Saints by the narrowest margin, .05 points, in the “quarterback catergory Rogers received a 10 while Brees picked up a 9.5.

"2. New Orleans Saints: 55.5 Owner: 9 Quarterback: 9.5 Coach: 8.5 Front office: 9.5 Coaching staff: 9 Intangibles: 10"