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The New Orleans Saints, “Prima Donna’s”, And The Lack Thereof


Photo courtesy of the Chronicle and Mark Costantini

This is not the article I started out writing. Articles often have a way wandering off like a pet; at times you have to chase them down and bring them back. This time I let the article wander.

Let’s talk about the Saints now, and explore just one of the many ways they are different from any other team in the NFL. Let’s talk about what they are, and what they are not.

We’ll start off at square one, what they are. They are a team, but unlike most of the other 31 teams, they don’t just wear the same jerseys and helmets. They work like a team; they act like a team.

You won’t find the Saints team listed in the roster at the official Saints website. The Saints team starts with Tom, Rita, Mickey, Sean, and has a lot of other members before you ever get to the roster.

Every single part of the Saints staff that draws a check most likely signed by Rita is a member of that team. Just one example would be Rita Benson’s secretary. Don’t imagine even for a heartbeat that she doesn’t believe herself a member of the team.

Sean is such an overpowering figurehead of a coach that’s easy to forget about the other team coaches, but they all work towards the same goal. 2009 proved how good all our assistant coaches can be.

What have I missed? Ah, yes… Prima donnas. There aren’t any Prima donna’s in New Orleans in the locker room or in staff management.

The sports headlines are full of articles about players or coaches who try to make a “big name for themselves by “showing off”, but no one can point a finger at us.

Tom and Rita Benson only show up when they should, or when the fans expect them to. Mickey Loomis tries to be invisible. Coach Payton can’t be invisible, but he seems to “tolerate attention”. He doesn’t go looking for it.

Drew Brees seems shy, even embarrassed by attention. However, when he is showered by the love he gets from Saints fans, he has to smile and be proud. Drew has proven his humility to me over the years.

That’s about it. I’m a fan first, and a writer second. I just wanted to tell my “team” that I am proud of each and every one of them, and thank them all for being humble.