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Preseason Games The Next Casualty Of The NFL Lockout?

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This past week, it was expressed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that another domino is allegedly going to fall very soon.  That would be the preseason games.  Once again, I have my own view on this and the effect it will have.

I think this might be partly an intimidation factor by Goodell in an attempt to  raise eyebrows with fans and put the player’s in a bad light, forcing them back to negotiations.

While there are those that don’t feel intimidated by this, you should be.  I know.  Some of you reading this are thinking, “But they don’t count for anything”.

True as far as statistics are concerned, but the other unseen factors are what count.  For newly drafted players and recently signed undrafted free agents, this is supposed to be the next big step.

Preseason games for rookies, drafted or undrafted, helps them dip their toe’s into the big pool.  It’s something that training camp and OTA’s can’t simulate.  I would see a longer acclimation period for rookie’s to get used to the game day experience and the team’s system’s.

Even for veteran player’s, preseason is a time to knock off the cobwebs and rust of the offseason.  Some veteran’s have expressed the value of preseason as getting back “that feeling”.  The jitters they get, the first play, the first hit, and the rhythm of the game itself.  Granted, they’re veteran’s and will fair a bit better but will still need these games.