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Chris Collinsworth Ranks Saints QB Drew Brees 5th On List Of Top 12

By Editorial Staff
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Last week retired Cincinnati wide receiver and NFL analysis Chris Collinsworth posted on his twitter page his list of the top 12 quarterbacks.

Collinsworth obviously grades on a curve, because he graded Aaron Rogers ahead of Saints QB Drew Bree’s, then followed that up by grading Tony Romo and Michael Vick ahead of quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Eli Manning.

Below is a more realistic list of the Top 12 Quarterbacks, what Chris Collingsworth tweeted was obviously a list that was put out there without much thought?

1.Tom Brady; He has kept his team in the mix for the Superbowl every year and has 3 Superbowl rings and a MVP trophy to boot, but has the management and coaching staff as well as a good mix of young and old talent to help him.

2. Drew Bree’s; Brees has as much talent as the player I have listed above him, it wasn’t until 2009 that he had the right coaches and the talent at other skill positions around him to prove his worth. If not for injuries to the Saints running game last year, the Saints would have won back to back Superbowls in 2010.

3. Payton Manning; Manning always seems to have his teammates ready to play, even though every week it’s different players that he has to get ready, and still has them limping into the playoffs year after year. If he has a healthy team late in the season look out, because his numbers are as good or better as the 2 I have ranked above him.

4. Ben Roethlisberger; Two Superbowl rings speaks volumes, Roethlisberger has a lot of talent, but is a real immature person off the field.

5. Aaron Roger; Rogers took HIS team, not Brett Farves team, to the Superbowl and looked good doing it, maybe the Green Bay dynasty is coming back, if so his ranking in my book will move up.