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Will New Orleans Saints Season Ticket Holder’s Get What They Paid For?

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When the season starts, will the almost 25% of my yearly income be worth it?  Will player’s simply go through the motions and attempt to show everyone that they were right?

Will core player’s that we desperately need to help us win be constantly hurt or worse be placed on injured reserve because of the rushed preparation?

Seeing the trouble the Saints had keeping a healthy backfield last season puts this into a new light.  They were scrambling trying to find running backs to fill the void.  Now ask yourself, “What if the entire season is like this for the entire team”?  I know we don’t want to think about it but we must.

I know that some of us have “crammed” for a test and in some cases the added pressure helped retain the information.  But the human body itself is different and the same stress of “cramming” can’t be done.  The body has to have recovery time to repair and regroup.  Trying to push past the limit often results in injury if not serious season ending injury.

I’m not saying the player’s should go full contact now in their workouts by any means.  Trust me, I don’t want any of our player’s getting hurt because there is no rehabilitation services offered to them.

That’s right, I almost forgot, there’s a lockout going on!  I know our guy’s are doing the best they can with what they can.

But for all the money I’m paying for ticket’s, I don’t want to have ordered a steak and get hamburger steak.  I don’t want to order a burger and get slipped a veggie burger.  Oh you can’t taste the difference.  You know who can taste the difference?  This guy right here.  I just fear that the quality of play will not be there this year and it’s very discouraging.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said yesterday that “clearly” the fan’s are being impacted by the lockout.  Yeah clearly we are Quiz Kid.  I’d rather go with a quote from Tom Berenger in the movie “Platoon” as he was addressing some soldier’s and their declining morale.  “The machine breaks down…we break down”!  Seems like it’s already broke.  Or I guess in the case of season ticket holder’s, we’ll be broke.