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Will New Orleans Saints Season Ticket Holder’s Get What They Paid For?

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Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m looking forward to the end of the lockout and for things to go back to as normal as they can be.  But will the quality of the player’s and the season be there?  And before you say it, I’ll go ahead and head you off at the pass.

“But the players are doing organized workouts”, you surely will say.  Yes, I’ve seen the footage too.  Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and the players stretching, double foot tapping through an agility ladder, players tossing heavy ropes, and catching passes.  Trust me, I’ve studied the filmed sessions several times.

While I was at first hyped, now I’m settling to the fact the workouts really aren’t doing to much but preventive maintenance.  They are keeping player’s on a schedule and a routine.

Like analyst Warren Sapp said on NFL Network several weeks ago when asked his opinion on the intensity of the workouts, “They ain’t out there pulling no hamstrings.”

Both player’s and owner’s claim to want to hammer a deal out through negotiation’s but nobody wants to sit down and bring the hammer.

Instead both are looking like they want “Mom and Dad” (the courts) to settle this for them.  This appears  like it will stretch into at least the middle of June, if not July.

Training camps and OTA’s will be in “just add water” mode.  It will be fast paced and grueling.  I’m seeing alot of injuries and players having to endure the grind from coaches who are trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.  As a season ticket holder, this has been on my mind quite alot.