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Will New Orleans Saints Season Ticket Holder’s Get What They Paid For?

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Being a season ticket holder for the New Orleans Saints has it’s own set of problems.  I’m not just talking about being on the rumored 70,000+ waiting list.  Or am I talking about the recent price hikes for the Plaza “Club” Sideline.  No I’m talking about the problems the lockout has caused.

Ok.  Maybe the price of ticket’s and the lockout kind of go hand in hand.  Being a recent recipient of season ticket’s, I finally got to be “in that number”.  Joy turned quickly to sour grapes when I found that the Plaza Sideline seats I had garnered, now were going to come with a significant price increase.

As anyone knows, the Superdome is undergoing renovations.  One part is turning the middle part of the Plaza Sideline(from 40 yd line to 40 yd line) to the new Plaza “Club” Sideline.  That comes with a price.  Like my dear old Dad has said numerous times, “Son, you don’t get something for nothing”.

Finding out season ticket prices can be like finding out where Jimmy Hoffa is.  When the the other NFL teams released their season ticket prices recently, the Saints declined.

So I don’t break the rule of ticket “omerta”, I’ll just say that the old prices for the tickets I had were about two of my paychecks.  Now they are about two and a half paychecks…easy.

Which brings me to the core of my article.  Coming from a season ticket holder’s persepective, if the lockout ends between June and July-ish, I have to ask a question.  Will the season be worth it even if we have all the scheduled games?