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Saints VooDoo: So Dat Drew Can Trow Dat Rock

By Editorial Staff

Deep up in da swamp on an island made of grass,
In the mud and da muck just off an alligator path,
I got my fire burning to push back da black of night,
And all my zombie girlz are dancing in da circle of da light,
To the sound of conga drums their bodies twist an shake,
Their Gris Gris Man is callin the sleeping spirits now to awake,
Then just pass midnight when da moon is behind a cloud,
I stand over my pot and cast this spell out loud,
I call you Old Papa Legba and Ms Marie Laveau,
Da time to stop dis lockout is here now dis I know,
A scared man can’t win and a jealous man can’t work,
And a greedy man deserves some of dat GGM’s hurt,
To all those greedy peoples whether dey be livin or be dead,
Who standing in the way of da season could have plenty to dread,
As this pot boils with tokens, herbs an unmentionable things,
The zombie girlz are dancing and their voices together sing,
Supwam Yelog, Mulaba Zona Kuno, Llabtoof Yalp Ew Won,
The smoke rising off the bayou is the souls who now have come,
Together we have a message through this spell we all do send,
The time for disagreement has come now to an end,
You owners unlock dem doors for da Gris Gris Man do,
And you players we also got our voodoo eyes on you,
You both gotta see you only need so many millions what to blow,
While da peeps who pay you bills got to bear da loss you know,
So as the moonlight comes back from out behind the cloud,
And shines down in my magic potion our voices can be heard out loud,
Get your problems all worked out yeah so once again dat Dome can rock,
And get this season going so dat DREW can trow dat ROCK!

PETA DISCLAIMER: No curses were used and no animals were hurt too bad or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell! GGM, MD