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2011 NFL Lockout: Scott Fujita, Joe Linta, Troy Polamalu Speak Out

By Editorial Staff

Former Saints and current Cleveland linebacker Scott Fajita, was recently interviewed by NBC about the present labor dispute. He was asked about his opinion on how the negotiations between the NFL’s owners and the NFLPA have broken down.

"There may have been some personnel feelings hurt by comments made by some owners during the latest negotiation, says Fujita."

The Cleveland linebacker mentions how some owners keep referring to players as products, putting no personnel content into the negotiations what so ever. I for once agree with Fujita, these players are more than just a product.

You have to put some personnel feelings into the process of putting a new CBA together.

I understand the NFL is a business and people should not take every comment made in a personnel manner, that’s very hard to do when your very lively hood and your families lively hood is in question.

Recently there have been more players complaining about the lack of bargaining going on between both sides, the only way to close the gap between what both sides are trying to accomplish is to sit down and work it out.

Players like running back Jason Snelling, linebacker Coy Wire and kicker David Akers are asking the players rep’s to sit back down with the owners and get a deal done.

NFL agent Joe Linta, who repersents 45 NFL players, went even further than that, he is quoted as asking the NFL owners to give him a copy of their latest proposal, which he will distribute to all players that would like to see it.

Troy Polamalu of Pittsburgh doesn’t like the comment being “spun” about the negotiations being  between “Millionaires vs Billionaires”, he states it makes it sound more like it’s all about the money, when he says it’s really all about not letting big business run their business.

It is very hard for the common fan to understand why players can’t live on $4M dollars per season, which is about what the league minimum salary is these days.

Not to mention all of the insurance coverage, and all of the other perks afforded to players. The real loser’s in this battle of wills between the owners and players will be the FANS.