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Lockout Killed Rookie Symposium; Hall Of Fame Game And Regular Season?

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The “blame game” being played by the owners and players may very well end up “preempting” that first game. It just might be the Hall of Shame, this year anyway.

I often question the title of this seasonal start-off game depending upon the selection of the participants, but this year more than ever.

A fan commented the other day: “I’m becoming numb.” I agree with him, I’m becoming numb too but we need to stay focused as fans. Just what exactly will happen if anything on August 7th in Canton Ohio this year?

That’s the big question. Will anything happen at all? Will there even be a game? Will the entire state of Ohio get short-changed; will millions of football fans be left swinging in the breeze?

When we tune in to NBC that night at 8 PM Eastern time will we see the first football game of the season, or will we get a rerun of “Survivor”?

Will the quality of play we’ve come to expect with a new season survive the hap-hazard off-season we’re having? We’ve already missed having free agency and other scheduled events are falling by the wayside one by one.

Only time will tell. My opinion? it could go either way. We’re supposed to watch the Chicago Bears going into an unfriendly stadium at the St. Louis Rams for a shoot-out that will set the tone for both franchise’s season.

I’m really looking forward to that game; it should be a good match-up.

But will it happen, that’s the problem; that’s the question. The media is trying to convince us all is well by publishing these types of forecasts, these schedules.

I’m not convinced yet, I’m not sure I will be anytime soon. The fans should not be too easily convinced either. We all may end up watching a lot of hockey this season.

Is it just me, or does everyone seem in denial? The media certainly is, pretending everything is “hunky dory”. Schedules of upcoming games and events continue to be posted all over the Internet as if all is settled already, but it’s not settled by a long shot.