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Five Reasons The New Orleans Saints Should Do HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

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1. Drew Brees has been involved heavily with the lockout before it even began, sitting in and through negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement up to the point they fell through and the NFLPA de-certified from the league.

He is headlining a lawsuit against the NFL, Brady vs. NFL, essentially suing the league for violation of antittrust language written into the old CBA. The lawsuite was put in place to attempt to block the lockout, which is currently in appeals, and allow the players to get back to work.

Obviously from “Hard Knocks’ stand point his involvement with the ongoing legal battle could provide them with a nice little spin on the show.

Brees’ has also sponsored workouts for his Saints teammates at Tulane University, paying out of his own pocket to keep the team working. To date the Saints workouts are the most frequent and largely attended of any of the NFL’s teams.

2. Reggie Bush has so far created quite a controversy this off-season through his twitter account. Famously he tweeted “It’s been fun New Orleans” right after the Saints drafted Alabama running back Mark Ingram with the 28th pick in the first round.

He followed that up by posting comments about the lockout, essentially implying it has given him more time for personal appearances and to enjoy the nightlife in California.

The comment that really caused an uproar however, “Right now we would be slaving in the heat putting our bodies at risk for nothing.”, this while his team mates worked out on their own at Tulane under Brees’ guidance.

Bush is scheduled to make 11.8 million dollars this season. It’s a number he will never see as a members of the Saints and his return hinges on whether or not he and the team can reach a new agreement. Will he or won’t he be with the team in 2011, it’s a good story to follow.