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A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Patrick Robinson

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Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams would put the rookie through the grinder early on.  When asked about the rookie first round pick and his progression, Williams played his cards close to his vest.  Williams merely said that Robinson was going to be his “whipping boy”.

That was Williams nice way of saying that Robinson had much to learn.  I began to have a sinking feeling that he was earning his stripes the hard way and settled in to the notion of not to expect too much.

While Robinson was considered a speedy corner, and had double digit career interception numbers at Florida State, this was the next level.

During the 2010-2011 season, he was barely was a blip on the radar.  He registered only 28 tackles and zero interceptions.

The two time’s he did shine was first in Week 5 against the Arizona Cardinals where he registered a game and career high eight tackles.

Second was in Week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons when he played special teams, he raced down the field to nail a returner on a punt for almost no gain.

What made things even more surprising was that third round choice, tight end Jimmy Graham, was grabbing the spotlight from the first rounder Robinson.

Graham had been labeled as a “project” when the season first started but managed to become the “go to” tight end over injury prone Saints Jeremy Shockey.  Robinson may not have been a draft bust,  but was in my eyes a bit of a disappointment.