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A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Patrick Robinson

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Watching last year’s draft, I was eager to see who the Saints would get with pick #32.  With some holes to fill in the front seven, I thought they would surely go in that direction.  Their choice would surprise me.

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees stepped to the podium to announce our pick.  I went to the edge of my recliner and had my fingers crossed for a linebacker.

I had hoped we could land Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon from Missouri who was a beast.  But as usual, the dreaded Atlanta Falcons continued to irritate me and snagged Weatherspoon with the 19th pick.  Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith mocked me as they showed him smirking and gloating after the pick.

My mind danced with thoughts of what magic Saints Head Coach Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis could produce.  They were NFL Draft and free agency guru’s in my opinion.  Brees then read the name of our first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  And it was….cornerback Patrick Robinson from Florida State University.

I turned to my wife and asked in an almost aggravated and confused tone, “Who the hell is Patrick Robinson?”  Brees, I guess, was expecting applause upon the announcement but none came.

NFL Network’s draft analyst Mike Mayock then commented that Robinson had “sweet feet” but his technique was “sloppy”.  Isn’t that magical?

I was really hoping that Payton and Loomis had some trick up their sleeve and made a draft steal with Robinson.  After all, in the 2009 NFL Draft they had picked Safety Malcolm Jenkins and he had turned out to be an excellent choice.

School would start for Robinson when he arrived at Saints training camp that summer and he learned a few hard lessons right off the bat.