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New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush Back At It On Twitter

By Editorial Staff

About three hours ago Reggie Bush posted this on is Twitter account: “Now Playing: Wale-The Breakup Song.”

I’m posting this article because I think the rest of the Saints fans should be able to argue as to whether or not this has any meaning behind it.

As an avid Twitter follower, I’ve noticed that Reggie Bush occasionally puts up favorite songs, just not very often.

This recent post could have one of two meanings: Mr. Bush is trying to tell us through the symbolics of music that he is ready to “Break Up” with the Saints, or he just decided to post this particular song on his Twitter account for absolutely no reason.

Whether or not he is trying to tell the world something, Reggie really needs to cancel his Twitter account.  He doesn’t know how to filter the silly comments that go through his head during the day.