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New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram: A Game Of Jersey Roulette

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Ingram would probably like to share a few numbers with his father Mark Ingram Sr.  He actually already does.  Both father and son were drafted in the First Round with pick #28.  If you flip #28 you get #82.  This was one of Ingram Sr.’s number when he played receiver in the NFL, as well as #85.

However, number’s in the 80’s are usually reserved for tight end’s or wide receiver’s only.  Did I mention I can’t stand math?  Wheeewww!

Try to flip both number’s and you get #28 and #58.  The #28 seems to be a connection, but is currently held by Saints safety Usama Young.

Linebacker Scott Shanle currently has #58, but running backs can’t use number’s in the 50’s anyway.  Try to half the #82 and you get Saints safety Roman Harper’s #41.

Half #85 and you could either go with safety Darren Sharper’s #42 or running back Joique Bell’s #43.  Bell’s number probably being the most likely available.  Brain..starting…to..hurt.  Must..continue..with..article.

In all reality, even after the lockout, fan’s wanting to get Ingram’s jersey number would be better off waiting until preseason or close to it.

Running Back Chris Ivory’s jersey number was #48 while in training camp and in preseason of the 2010-2011 season.  I almost ordered a custom jersey with that number but waited to be sure.  Good thing, because Ivory changed his number to #29 for the regular season.

In the end, I think Ingram may end up taking #32 since it is his old college #22 plus ten and it’s available.  If the Saints decide not to keep fullback Heath Evans(#44), then that would be the next option since it’s double his old college #22.

But no matter what number he wears, the only “number’s game” Ingram needs to worry about with the Saints is his touchdowns and rushing yards.  And with that, this writer is off to find some aspirin and a dark room.