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New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram: A Game Of Jersey Roulette

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First, let me pop the bubble and get this out of the way.  Nothing is going to happen until the lockout is over because roster moves can’t be made, so all the following will be speculative.  Ingram could wear #99 and it won’t mean much.  But guessing the outcome is almost as fun as winning the “number’s game.

The #22 was Ingram’s number at Alabama.  I’m sure he wants to keep this number but there is only one hitch.  That number belongs to Saints Cornerback Tracy Porter.

Ingram, shortly after the draft, tweeted jokingly to Porter asking if he could get #22.  Porter and several other players responded in kind that it was going to “cost” Ingram.

That usually means if a player wants another player’s number, a “fee” or “tax” is usually paid by the player to the other for the number.  In all honesty, I don’t think this will happen and would shock me if it did.

If Porter was a rookie or a first year player, it would be more likely.  But when I think of #22 on the Saints, “Legend Killer” is the only one who comes to mind.

The only numbers that are currently not assigned to any players on the current Saints roster are: #26, #32, #40, #48, and #49.

Former Saints Running Back Deuce McAllister had #26 and is safe to say will be retired officially in the near future.

Ingram has sported #32 recently probably because it was just easily accessible.  I’m really not seeing him in the other three since those are mostly worn by Fullbacks, but it’s an option.