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New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram: A Game Of Jersey Roulette

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When we see the term “it’s a number’s game” followed by a player’s name, usually that means goodbye to said player.  But our Editor/Lead Writer Keith Null has compelled me to play another “number’s game” with New Orleans Saints Running Back Mark Ingram.

Keith had recently wrote an article, “Julius Jones Done With New Orleans Saints;  Mark Ingram Wearing 21 Jersey“.  This was of course in reference to Saints Running Back Julius Jones who was picked up in 2010-2011 season after the Saints were depleted at the position. 

It was also in reference to newly drafted Saints Running Back Mark Ingram and his first appearance in a “Saints uniform”, wearing the #21 jersey at Heath Evans charity softball game.

Keith brought up a good topic because people everywhere were texting, tweeting, and emailing about the sight of Ingram in the jersey.  Several friends were calling me asking if this was his new number.

I told them to relax and don’t order their jersey’s just yet.  I’m going to roll the dice with the game that Keith started so just follow me for a bit.

Numbers for running backs are allowed to be #20-#49.   Players making the leap from college to the NFL that have a single digit number sometimes have to make a change to their favorite number.

For example, Saints corner Tracy Porter had #2 at Indiana and high school, but had to change to #22.  When Saints running back Reggie Bush was drafted from USC, he had the #5 and was required to change to #25.  Bush actually tried to appeal to the NFL to let him keep his college number but was denied.

Ingram is facing a unique situation because of the lockout.  He isn’t allowed to communicate with the Saints coaching staff and equipment managers to officially get his uniform and numbers squared away.

Like an Elvis sighting, Ingram has been seen in at least three jersey numbers recently( #21, #00, and #32) and Saints fans are chomping at the bit to find out what number he’ll choose.  So let’s play the “number’s game” shall we?