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New Orleans Saints: Linebackers And The Hard Knocks Search

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However Wilson had a very disappointing pro day. Scouts noted he appeared stiff in pass coverage, demonstrated bad footwork and poor hands, and generally was dinged for appearing as if he didn’t care. Likely this was the cause for his draft day plummet.

Conversely Saints linebacker coach Joe Vitt has spent one-one time with Wilson, quizzing him on his football intelligence. So far Vitt is enamored with Wilson, as is defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who spent time coaching him at this years senior bowl and neither seem to question his work ethic.

Assuming there is a season middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma could be flanked by Casillas on the weak side and Wilson on the strong side, a youthful injection that could produce in a big way.

HBO’s Hard knocks series is having a quite a time finding a team willing to let them film them through their off-season preparations.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were rumored to be the favorites to secure the sixth installment of the series, those rumors were validated when it was reported the budding franchise declined the offer, instead hoping to concentrate on football and another winning season.

If fact the Lions said no, as did the Broncos, so it appears not very many of the NFL’s teams appear the least bit interested in appearing on the show in the middle of a lockout.

Several other teams have come up in conversation includung the Falcons, Raiders, Patriots, Packers, Redskins and yes even the New Orleans Saints.

Atlanta seemed to be a favorite after general Mike Dimitroff said the team would be interested in joining up if they were approached by HBO.

Shortly there after head coach Mike Smith said just the opposite. He and Dimitroff talked about it but decided against participating.

The Saints seems a like a viable candidate considering they are one of the healthier franchises in the league, have a number of quality players, an endearing head coach in Sean Payton and one the leagues best quarterbacks in Drew Brees.

Also Brees has become the face of the players in their ongoing court battle against the owners. That of course provides a nice little sub-plot for Hard Knocks to follow.

Saints fans may not want cameras to follow their team and cause a potential distraction. However it may be the only chance they get to see them on TV any time soon.