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A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Jabari Greer

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The injury bug would bite Greer again in November of 2009 and he would miss the rest of the regular season, but return in time for the playoffs.

Greer would garner much respect from offenses that year with his speed and coverage skills.

One example was when he had to sit out several plays in Super Bowl 44 and Usama Young was put in his place.  A “mic-ed” up Saints Head Coach Sean Payton would see the writing on the wall for that series.

Payton could be heard saying that the Indianapolis Colts would probably go after Young with Greer being out.  Sure enough, Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning would take advantage of the inexperienced Young and bomb a touchdown pass over his head.

We can all agree that if Greer had been in, it probably wouldn’t have gone that way.

Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams also gives Jabari Greer give much praise.  In one of my previous articles, “A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary:  Tracy Porter”, I mentioned that Williams stated he was a “better coach” when Tracy Porter and Greer were playing.

Jabari would post a career best in the 2010-2011 season with 61 tackles.  He would also had two interceptions with one being returned for a touchdown.  Unfortunately, Greer’s play seemed to be erratic at times, and after the Wild Card Playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, we would find out why.