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New Orleans Saints: Ticket Sales And Mark Ingram

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The NFL is in state of chaos with the current lockout, the next milestone coming in June. Judge David Doty is expected to rule on whether or not to award players over one billion dollars in damages.

It’s ruling, that should at least, spark further negotiations towards a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Whatever happens it’s clear that this off-season is unlike any in the NFL before. As the lockout plows forward the very real possibility exists that training camps and preseason games will likely not take place.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is sponsoring team workouts at Tulane, and will continue to do so if the lockout continues. Saints fans can rest knowing their team is putting in the work.

Other teams have followed suite, including the Jets, Giants, Eagles and Raiders — but more often than not players are tentative at best when it comes to participation for fear of freak injury.