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New Orleans Apparently Has A Football Problem

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The reason a true Saints fan chuckles at this is because it’s more of a “wink wink” joke.  Our only “problem” is our love and passion for the Saints is so consuming and overwhelming.

I recall putting my head in my hands and crying as Saints Kicker Garrett Hartley’s field goal went through the uprights in the NFC Championship game and screaming when the game clock read zero in Super Bowl 44.

Memories of heartbreak were stitched together in those moments and I only wished “Mammy” could have celebrated with my daughter, my wife, and I.

We feel like we are on a first name basis and speed dial with the players and coaching staff.  It binds us together with the organization and to the city of New Orleans itself.

I’ve now passed the problem onto my daughter who now sits beside my easy chair and watches with my wife and I during away games.  Seeing her excited during a game and hearing her yell “Who Dat!” takes me back to very fond memories of my upbringing as a Saints fan.

Yes, this is one “problem” that I really hope we never find a solution to — dedicated to Marion “Mammy” Higginbotham —thanks for making me a Who Dat.