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Cocktail Napkins And Charlie Sheen: Solving The NFL Lockout

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It shows that there is not such a united front with the owners and the NFL as Commissioner Roger Goodell is portraying.  His “I hear you!” that answered the jeers and boo’s during the NFL Draft has turned out to be what I thought it was.  Nothing.

I said the same thing to my mother as she was scolding me one time.  What she replied with fits real well here.  “Son, do you hear me or do you REALLY hear me?”, she asked as she tapped her finger on the counter.  Ditto to you Commish.

His giddy little tone when the 8th Circuit Court reinstated the lockout soured fans and players alike.  His hugs, handshakes, and congratulations with the draft picks were a posturing show.  “Yeah guys congrats on getting picked…you just don’t have a job right now.  Oh by the way we don’t know when we’ll have one for you either”, was what he should have said.  How much is enough?

People have picked sides in the lockout, but nobody is really clean in this whole affair.  I don’t have a cocktail napkin or a glass of “Tiger’s Blood”, but to both sides I’ll make a few suggestions.