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Cocktail Napkins And Charlie Sheen: Solving The NFL Lockout

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Charlie Sheen has become known for his recent ranting and raving.  But I think one that he gave back in the late 80’s could actually help bring some sense to the NFL and players with the lockout.  Ponder this little gem.

If you’ve never seen the movie “Wall Street”, you’re missing a good one.  Basically a story about greed and redemption, it starred a young looking Michael Douglas as Wall Street tycoon Gordon Gekko and an even younger Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox his protege/tycoon in training.

In one scene, Bud Fox finds out that Gordon Gekko has been buying companies, including one his father works for, and saying he’s turning them around.  In reality the companies are being dismantled and sold off piece by piece.  When Fox learns this, he gives one of the greatest anti-greed rants to Gekko.

“How many yacht’s can you water ski behind Gordon?”, Bud Fox yells, “How much is enough?”  Like a dagger to the heart, Gekko realizes his cover is blown and his protege is turning on him.  This is kind of the point this writer is at with the lockout.  How much Is enough?

Even the owners are starting to get fed up.  Indianapolis Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay stated recently that “Jeff Saturday (Colts Center) and I could get this thing done on cocktail napkins” and further stated “It’s not that hard”!  I for one , am loving this.