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2011 NFL Lockout Could Lead To A New Orleans Saints Dynasty

By Editorial Staff
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Now, I know what you are thinking, “your title had something to do with the Saints becoming a Dynasty, and so far you haven’t mentioned that once.”

Well when was the last time you saw a football team band together the way this Saints team is starting to do?  Our best talents in every position have absolutely no desire to leave this team because they know exactly how much more talented they can potentially be than the rest of the league.

It’s been a long time since the preseason of the super bowl year, but I remember Brees coming out and saying that their team had the potential to be one of the best teams to ever play the game.  In most aspects, I believe he was 100% correct.

This year, everybody is a little bit more tight-lipped (perhaps due to the lockout?) but their actions are showing that, as long as we keep our core players, this team could be exponentially better.

With what will most likely end up being one of the best drafts in Saints history and all lingering injuries healing up, the Saints look like the “New” New England Patriots (coincidentally, that was the name I almost called this article).

Also, despite the terrible pun, the Saints look very similar to the Patriots team that won the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 years, and the Saints are following almost the same pattern.

For now, though, we are just going to have to wait for the lockout to finish its course.  Any predictions we make right now have no factual base behind them because there just is no information to back it up.

Nobody knows exactly how this year’s free agency will work out, if there even is one, which will most likely decide the strengths and weaknesses of many of the teams.  Till then, let’s all just be happy that we have one of the best teams in the league, and we will most likely be able to enjoy another Super Bowl victory in the near future.

Disclaimer: This article was written by a very excited and over-anxious Saints fan.  Don’t read too much into it because it’s entirely opinionated and a biased prediction.  So read and enjoy!