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The Value Of Shaun Rogers Not To Be Overlooked Inside Saints Defense

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Under new head coach Pat Shurmur, and defensive coordinator Dick Jauron, the decision has been made to migrate the Browns from a 3-4 defense, installed under Eric Mangini, back to the 4-3 scheme were Rogers is considered a perfect fit.

McGinest, a former team mate of Rogers in Cleveland, essentially said that all he ever talked about was how much he liked playing in the 4-3. He went on to describe Rogers skill set aligning perfectly with the 4-3 defense, re-iterating just how dominating he can and will continue to be there.

It’s not secret the Saints run an aggressive blitz oriented 4-3 defense under Gregg Williams, but a key cog in making his defense work is the pressure generated by the defensive line. The weakness has always been the middle, Rogers was signed to strengthen that weakness.

It’s a perfect marriage for both sides as Rogers gets to do what he does best, penetrate gaps and rush the passer. He is deadly good at splitting double teams and certainly Williams is not going to hamper that ability in any way. Let him run wild, that’s the ticket.

His presence on the defensive line is going to cause a ripple affect as he will be able to occupy a guard and a center allowing the defensive ends (Cameron Jordan, Alex Brown, Will Smith) more opportunities for one-one-situations with tackles they should win.

Defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis can be just as disruptive as Rogers. It’s a combinations of players, that on paper, should exceed all expectations next season.