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New Orleans Saints: Darren Sharper, Mediation And NFL Power Rankings

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Last monday the NFLPA and represnatives from the NFL (Commissioner Roger Goodell, Jeff Pash, etc.) convened in a Minnesota Federal Court under the rule of Judge Doty to determine what to do with over 4 billion dollars in TV revenue.

A few months back Doty ruled that the NFL had indeed accepted the payment from several networks, including DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket, for the purpose of creating a “lockout fund” to combat the work stoppage.

Now Judge Doty must decide what to do with the money, but more importantly if to award the players over one billion dollars in punitive and compensatory damages stemming from the NFL imposed lockout. The players can’t workout, prepare, receiver treatment or have any contact with their respective teams.

It was hopeful Doty would make his ruling same day, instead he declared it wouls take some time for him to reach a decision and for now ordered the two sides back into court mediated negotiations.

Mediation and negotiations have so fared failed miserably, thus making it a farce that they are “required” to sit down in front of one another and negotiate. Neither side is hopeful any progress will be made as they await the fate of the money and Doty’s ruling. Once again all fans and analyst can do is wait, wait, wait.