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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again: Defending Saints Running Back Reggie Bush

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I won’t bore anyone with a recap of Reggie’s tweets since that have been shown by every national and local sportscasts numerous times.  In general the consensus has been from many fans that the Saints should get rid of Reggie by trade (unlikely) or by simply cutting him outright(also unlikely).  Reggie’s lack of willingness to apologize or work out with his teammates at Tulane University has been boiling over.  Let me take the pressure lid off.

Look at this through Reggie’s eyes.  It’s deja vu all over again.  The situation that Deuce McAllister was in is now Reggie’s.  Having to face your own mortality is difficult for anyone.  Reggie is seeing this and it’s probably scary.  Much like reading the obituaries and seeing someone your age that passed away.  “I could be next!”, your mind screams.

The same for Reggie.  Mark Ingram is Reggie’s “road to Damascus” moment.  Even “the talk” that Deuce got from Sean Payton was given to Reggie.  The phrase , “your still in our plans”, probably produced a bucket of ice water feeling over Reggie.

Actually, he has been working out and with a former Saint.  Former Tight End Billy Miller has a work out facility in California where Bush has been training.  Miller even has come to his defense assuring everyone that Reggie is working hard.  Even Drew Brees has sent words of encouragement to Reggie.  I know, I know.  Everyone wants Reggie to be with the team and show a united front but he is still training at least.

Another knock at the door for Bush is that the Saints just released Tight End Jeremy Shockey and in essence is being replaced by last years third round selection Tight End Jimmy Graham.  Shockey was released because he also started to carry the label of being injury prone.

What Bush is probably thinking is, “Hey they actually loved Shockey!  So what does that say for me”?  A crowded backfield with Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, and Lynell Hamilton also doesn’t give Reggie much comfort.  Paranoia and insecurity within the ranks doesn’t make a good combination with the lockout going on.

Sean Payton would probably be on this situation like a bloodhound, however because of the lockout, there can’t be any contact with players.  We all know, Coach Payton is not a fan of airing the team’s laundry, dirty or clean, on any media level.  However, Reggie feels backed into a corner and dosen’t have the Saints P.R. staff to spin doctor this.

Reggie was shown on Saturday’s nightly news apologizing in some aspects and saying he wants to play for the Saints for “6, 7 , 8, 10 years”.  The look on his face said it all, “I screwed up”.  Once again, I’m not  excusing Reggie’s actions, but just trying to look at it from his perspective.

The last thing I’ll say is…Reggie gets it.  Even he has said before the lockout, and just a few days ago, that he knows there needs to be a renegotiation of his contract.  He knows he is not due the $11.8 million for the upcoming season.  And he knows he has got to find a cure for his “Good Will Hunting Syndrome”.

If he can’t, then the chants of “Reggie!  Reggie” will fade into the round walls of the Superdome just like another favorite, “Deuuuuuuuuuuce!”  Let’s hope he does some “Good Will Searching” and finds the Reggie Bush we know has always been there.  Otherwise, it really hasn’t been fun Reggie.