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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again: Defending Saints Running Back Reggie Bush

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Those of you that read the title probably want to instantly blast this writer for attempting to defend or should I say clarify Reggie Bush and his recent actions.  Before you get too steamed just hear me out first.

Let me first and foremost say that I am really not that much of a Reggie Bush “flag flyer”.  I also don’t dislike him either.  Reggie to me has simply been a piece of the puzzle for the Saints backfield.  I actually tipped my hat to him the way he handled the Heisman Trophy fiasco.  But I’ve always been guarded when it comes to Reggie.

Reggie to me has what I refer to as “Good Will Hunting Syndrome”.  You remember that movie.  Matt Damon’s character works as a janitor at a school.  Deep inside he is a genius who can belt out complex formulas on a chalkboard and should really be teaching the students he cleans up after.  However he is simply content drinking and hanging out with his buddies.  That to me is Reggie in a nutshell.  Talent screaming to get out but we only hear a whimper.

When Reggie was drafted in 2006 with the 2nd pick in the 1st round, I was not one of those who was jumping up and down like some fans were.  I thought we had a great Running Back in Deuce McAllister already.  Yes he had injuries but thought he could still serve the team well.  But I relented and thought that if we got Reggie with a 1st Round pick, he would work magic.  Little did we know the behind the scenes situation occurring.

Head Coach Sean Payton contacted McAllister and assurred him that he was still in the Saints plans.  No doubt that Deuce was looking at the writing on the wall or depth chart if you prefer.  Three years later, our beloved Deuce was gone from the Saints roster and Reggie picked up the torch.  And seemed to drop it a more than once.