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Undrafted Free Agent Mark Herzlich: Good Fit For New Orleans Saints?

By Editorial Staff
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The 2011 NFL Draft is in the history books. I am very happy with the picks the New Orleans Saints made in the draft. Now is the time

for the Saints organization to start working their real magic to find those outstanding football players amongst the approximately five hundred undrafted free agents this year.

I have spent hours looking at undrafted college players trying to decide which could make an impact with the New Orleans Saints. It was not easy for me, since I believe we have some amazing talent on both offense and defense. Also, all the uncertainty of free agency in the NFL has really made it difficult to determine the Saints true needs.

As a long time Saints fan I would really like to see our defense turn itself into an elite unit. I find myself thinking of the days of the Dome Patrol. How many teams have had four Pro Bowl linebackers starting together and dominate teams the way the Saints did in the early nineties? You guessed it. I am big on having the best linebackers possible playing on our defense.

The Saints have one of the top NFL linebackers spearheading their defense in Jonathan Vilma. I believe the Saints made a couple great picks in the third and seventh rounds with Martez Wilson and Nate Bussey both from Illinois. However, I think there is a very amazing linebacker still available as a free agent.

Mark Herzlich from Boston College is a very talented linebacker who has very strong work ethic and is very good at diagnosing plays. He has that character and toughness that every NFL team wants in a player and he showed that he possesses them in his victory in his battle to overcome his cancer. Just another one of the many traits that makes him a leader on the football field.